When people think of the latest gadgets, they imagine new smartphones, smart watches, computers, laptops, and gaming consoles. But another new advancement in technology has been happening right here at home: smart home devices! What is a smart home? A smart home is equipped with smart devices meant to make your daily life easier, from regulating your HVAC system to automatically adjusting your lighting and sound system. As more homes become “smart,” more folks are seeing the benefit of smart home devices, and demand continues to grow. It’s estimated that there are more than 45 million smart-equipped homes in the US, with the market expected to climb to $141 billion by 2023. If you are curious to find out more about smart homes and how they can benefit you and your home’s value, keep reading.

What Is a Smart Home?


There are variable qualifiers that make a home “smart.” Overall, smart homes include devices and capabilities that make them smart. Of course, this also means they use fewer wires. You can connect to the Internet, radio, or TV wirelessly or control what you want by voice command.
The automated equipment handles everything you previously had to do. The artificial intelligence that these devices have allows homeowners to have a better home structure.

It Offers Better Convenience


The reason many people own technology is because of convenience. Most Americans own at least one “smart” product in their home and are happy with the ease that comes with it. It may not seem like much, but you save minutes to an hour or so in your day with the assistance of smart devices.
You no longer have to get up to turn a device on or off. Smart devices allow you to relax and will do the work for you. The ease allows many homeowners to multi-task and get more things done or get them done in less time. You can focus more on things that matter.

Allows You to Save Money and Energy



Smart homes help you by becoming more money smart. For example, automated thermostats in a home that can detect how many people are in a room can make proper adjustments in the heating and cooling system.
You can save as much as10 to 15 percent on your electricity bill. Heating and cooling cost the most money, and the addition of a smart thermostat can rack up as much as $1,000 in savings by the end of the year.
You can also save more on your utilities with smart lights that help you decrease unnecessary usage. When you leave a room or leave your house, automated apps recognize this and turn it off on their own.
Smart showers will do the same and help you save on your water bills. You could cut as much as 40 to 50 percent of your bill.
Smart showers reduce overall water consumption and smart washing machines can do the same. With the use of smart technology, you are in more control of energy usage so you can ensure your home runs efficiently.

Enhanced Safety and Security



As a home buyer, you also expect a home to be in a safe area. Smart homes enhance the safety and security of that homes thanks to the addition of smart devices. Security is a top reason many homeowners decide to invest in a home.
Burglary and violence are unfortunate realities in the US even at home. Dissuading intruders from entering your home plays an important part in keeping you and your loved ones safe.
Smart safety devices can also detect radon, moisture, and carbon monoxide levels in your home as well as fire. There are security doorbells that allow you to see anyone on your property through motion detection.
You are able to check and control the devices at your home or while you are away by using a tablet or smartphone. Homeowners can add more security with a smart lock. Whether you are home or away, smart home safety devices keep you protected around the clock.

Better Entertainment


Smart home devices such as smart TVs and Bluetooth offer better entertainment. You can control entertainment devices by voice. If you wanted to, you would also connect many of these devices as one, allowing you to control everything anywhere in your home.
If you have to change rooms and need more volume to hear the movie or song you were listening to, you could raise the volume via speech command. Smart TVs are highly multifunctional. If you like to stay connected to social or speak with family and friends, you can make video calls.
One of the best smart home devices to own is the Echo. It’s a great purchase because it is also highly compatible with a number of devices.

Higher Selling Profitability



Convenience, entertainment, security, and saving money are great, but do smart homes add value to the property? Smart homes are equally popular among older and younger generations. The value of these homes speaks volumes, and this is reflected in their selling price.
The demand for owning a smart home allows you to increase the value of that home by five percent. This translates to $10,000-200,000 depending on the house to purchase or the additives you include. It’s a smart investment that you can take advantage of to prevent the value of that home from depreciating.

Buying a Smart Home in Santa Barbara


Getting another home involves an extensive process of thinking to make the right moves. You must consider the things you are looking for while keeping the price in mind. You also want to get a house that can help you while you live in it and help your pocket when you decide to sell it.
What is a smart home? If you want to learn a few smart home basics and would like help from people who understand the business, connect with us. We can assist you during the home-buying stage so you can make better choices you are happy with.
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